Reference List
Below is a reference list of some of the major projects executed by Intermedic in Lebanon.

Advanced Medical Imaging (Berbir Hospital) Diagnostic Radiology
Al Iman Hospital(Turn Key) 40 beds
American University of Beirut Medical Center

ICU,CCU,ER, Diagnostic Radiology, Radio Therapy (Linac)
Baabda University Hospital ICU, CCU, CSSD, Endoscopy
Bahman Hospital OR, NICU, Endoscopy, Wards, CSSD
Batroun Hospital (Social Security)

ICU, OR, Dialysis Center
Beirut General Hospital

DR, Dialysis Center, OR, EEG
Bekaa Hospital(Turn Key) 70 beds
Clemenceau Medical Center CCU, ICU, CSU, NICU, OR, Endoscopy, Wards
Cortbaoui Hospital ICU, OR, Diagnostic Radiology, Wards
Hammoud Hospital Endoscopy, ICU, OR, Wards, Laboratory, Radiology
Hariri Medical Center (Kfarfalous)

ICU, CCU, OR, Dialysis Center, ER
Haykal Hospital ICU, OR, Endoscopy, Wards, CSSD
Hotel-Dieu de France

Endoscopy, Cardiac Surgery, CCU, CSU, NICU, Wards
Internal Security Forces - Helou Barracks Diagnostic Medical Center (under execution)
Labib Medical Center ICU, OR, Delivery, Endoscopy, Wards
Lebanese Army Hospital ICU, Diagnostic Radiology, Endoscopy
Lebanese Hospital

ICU, CCU, Diagnostic Radiology,Wards
Libano-Français Hospital(Turn Key) 72 beds
Makassed General Hospital ICU, NICU, OR, Endoscopy
MiddleEast Institute of Health Radio Therapy (Linac), Nuclear Medicine, Endoscopy, Cath-Lab
MountLebanon Hospital Delivery, Diagnostic Radiology, Endoscopy, Wards
Najjar Hospital (Turn Key) 75 beds
Rafic Hariri University Hospital (Formerly BGUH) Radio Therapy (Linac), Diagnostic Radiology
Rizk Hospital NICU, OR, Diagnostic Radiology, Endoscopy
Sacre-Coeur Hospital CCU, Cardiac Surgery, ICU, OR, Endoscopy
Saint-Charles Hospital

ICU, CSU, Cardiac Surgery, OR, Diagnostic Radiology
Saint-Georges Hospital (Beirut)

ICU, CCU, OR, Dialysis Center, DR,
Cardiac Surgery, Endoscopy, Wards
Saint-Louis Hospital(Turn Key) 50 beds
Sainte Therese Hospital(Turn Key) 216 beds
Sheikh Khalifah Ben Zayed Hospital - Chebaa (Turn Key) 40 beds (under execution)
Trad Medical Center Diagnostic Radiology, Delivery, Endoscopy, Wards
World Bank Projects ICU, CCU, Endoscopy