Network of Suppliers
infusion therapy
Elekta Oncology Systems

Elekta Stereotactic Neurosurgery
Specimen collection systems for hospitals, laboratories and blood banks
Hospital Beds, Room Furniture, Architectural Products
Clinical Diagnostics Systems:
Blood gas/ Electrolytes analysis, Hemostatis and clinical chemistry
O.R. Tables and furniture
O.R. Lights and pendants
MetaSystems GmbH
Systems automated and interactive microscope imaging
Flexible Endoscopy Systems
Surgery Rigid Endoscopy Systems
Clinical Diagnostics Systems:
Clinical chemistry, Immunology and Blood bank

Philips Medical Systems
General X-rays and R/F
Vascular and cardiovascular
MRI, CT Scanners, Ultrasound
Nuclear Medicine
Monitoring and Cardiology

Mammography and Panoramic X-rays units
Physikalisch-Tecnishe Werkstätten Dr.Pychlau GmbH
Dosimetry equipment
LED (Laboratory Equipment Division)
Laboratory Instruments

Carl Zeiss Microlmaging GmbH
Life science, Industrial and laser microscopes

Carl Zeiss Surgical GmbH
Surgical Microscopes

Carl Zeiss Meditec Systems GmbH
Ophthalmology Equipment
Bausch & Lomb B.V.
Ophthalmic Surgical
Equipment and Supplies
Arthroscopy Implants and Power Tools
Interventional and Diagnostic
Cardiology Products
Sutures and MIS instruments and supplies
Ethicon Gynecare
Ethicon Women’s Health & Urology
Endo-mechanical staplers for open and laparoscopic surgeries Gastric Band for Morbid Obesity
Contrast Media
Spinal Implant systems
Image Guided Surgery Systems
Neuro- Surgery Power Tools CSF Flow Control Devices & Drainage Kits, ENT Supplies, Otological Prothsesis, Equipment & Instruments
Orthopedic Implants, Instruments and Supplies
Healthcare imaging
Imagers, Printers & Processors
Imaging Films & Accessories
Advanced Sterilization Products
protecting lives against infections
Advanced Sterilization Products
Equipments, Products & Therapies for Kidney & Liver dialysis
Dragermedical Ventillation, Anesthesia, Warming Therapy, Monitoring
Kimberly Clark Healthcare: Patient Care, Facial Protection, Cold Therapy Products, Single Use Surgical Packs, Drapes, Gowns and Infection Control
The Megadyne family of quality electrosurgical products utilizes new and innovative technologies to improve safety, increase efficiency, and bring cost savings.

Teleflex is a global provider of medical devices used in critical care and surgery.

KMedic: Orthopedic Instruments

Pilling: Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Instruments

PLEUR-EVAC : Chest drainage system

WECK Ligating clips and skin staplers

Smiths Medical: ICU & CCU Supplies

SorinGroup: Dideco Cardio Pulmonary customs packs, Stockert Instrumente Heart/ Lung Machines & Autotransfusion machines